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727 Martial Arts Caledonian JKD. Designs by Gordon Boyland and Abigail Boyland. A Dad & Daughter Self-Defence Mixed Martial Arts System.

Graphic Designer for hire.Gordon Boyland, I am a proud #OrcaAvenger Honor the Orcas, dive in. An Earth Science Institute World Project: #CaptivityFree. Working in partnership with: Captivity free,#PandorasJourney We speak for the Cetaceans of the World.

Mixed JKD/Akido


I am a proud #OrcaAvenger Honor the Orcas, dive in. An Earth Science Institute World Project: #CaptivityFree. Working in partnership with: Captivity free, #PandorasJourney We speak for the Cetaceans of the World.
Environmental Services, Natural Science, Geology, History,
Researcher & Writer of: Short Online Documentaries, Earth Science Journals, Geo-Science Journals, Volcanology News.
Founder of Earth Science Institute World Projects: All about Geo-Science. Why Geology Rocks.

Lead designer/Volunteer at Ornithologist's Alliance: CSPB Caledonian Society for the Protection of Birds.

This webpage is for sharing related educational, conservation and research purposes. 
An Earth Science Institute World Project: Titan Exploration Industries: Wildlife campaigners of the World welcomes,,, CSPB Ornithologist's Alliance. 

Latest Projects
Rolling Cube Studios INC: Lead Designer/Researcher/Photographer. 

All my designs are available in a variety of colour schemes so I am sure to have something to suit your theme. I also offer a design service and will be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements.
I can provide your site/s with presentation’s that will inform your target audience what your business does. With eye catching designs & add a professional quality look to your web-site!

I am currently doing designs, logos, infographic for the following groups & organizations:

Safari Nexus Archives, Resources And Travel. Bringing The Wonders Of Nature. DELTA Excelsior Group, Shark Awareness Initiative, Polar Effects, Polar 727 Faction, 727 Creative DESIGNS. LOSE YOURSELF, DISCOVER YOURSELF.

Lead designer at Delta Excelsior Group: Shark Awareness Initiative.


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