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727 Martial Arts Caledonian JKD. Designs by Gordon Boyland and Abigail Boyland. A Dad & Daughter Self-Defence Mixed Martial Arts System.

Graphic Designer for hire.Gordon Boyland, I am a proud #OrcaAvenger Honor the Orcas, dive in. An Earth Science Institute World Project: #CaptivityFree. Working in partnership with: Captivity free,#PandorasJourney We speak for the Cetaceans of the World.

Mixed JKD/Akido


 Orca Conservancy @OrcaConservancy FOLLOWS YOU Orca Conservancy takes on the most critical issues now facing wild killer whales.

 Martial Tribes

 Yin Li @MartialArtsYin FOLLOWS YOU I'm crazy about Martial Arts and travel! I train in Kung Fu, Jiu Jitsu and Tai Chi :)

 ResumenMMA @ResumenMMA FOLLOWS YOU Ya nos conoces. El sitio lider de las MMA en español.

 Cody Krahn @codykrahnmma FOLLOWS YOU MMA Fighter Cody 'Donkey' Krahn


 Plomest MMA [México] @PlomestMMA FOLLOWS YOU Blog informativo enfocado en las MMA con tintes de entretenimiento, humor, y demás.   Producto 100% Sonorense. Ajaaay!

 Martial Arts Quotes

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